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Welcome to Trading Web Spaces, the show where would-be web designers redo each other's web sites... Well, not really. But I did think it would be fun to design a fan web site to complement Doug's own new web site: As always, feedback is desired! Leave a message in the guestbook or e-mail me.

The low-down from Lowes

June 9, 2003 — This past Friday, Doug appeared at the Lowes in Dickson, TN, and Nini (aka the Fan Who Dared To Ask Doug The Boxers Or Briefs Question) brought her camera…

It's a wrap!

May 5, 2003 — Jazzycat visited the Trading Spaces set during the shoot of Doug's last episode for the season and has pictures to share. Doug had a unique room to decorate this time out — the back porch! Hopefully there weren't any pickup trucks on cement blocks or refrigerators in the back yard… And if you haven't checked out the Publicity section recently, a whole lot of new articles have been added.

Divas adoring Doug

Mar. 5, 2003 — The Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show was a blast! I met five Divas with whom I'd been chatting online for months. I met Doug. I met Doug's parents! I have enough stuff to keep me busy updating the site for months to come. First up, Fort Wayne photos and two articles that appeared in the local newspapers:

Close encounters of the fan kind

Feb. 24, 2003 — This week I'm trekking to Fort Wayne, Indiana, with my 35mm and digital video cameras in tow. Hopefully, I'll get lots of Doug goodies to add to the site! In the meantime, check out some other fans' encounters with Doug:

Get behind the scenes

Feb. 3, 2003 — Amazon is now taking pre-orders for a Trading Spaces book and DVD.

The book is a behind-the-scenes look at the designers of Trading Spaces and features a cover photo where Doug's wearing that unfortunate blue diagonal-stripe shirt he wore on The View a few months ago. Why do TS promo pics always make Doug look icky? No word on what the DVD is about yet. They're both due to release on March 18.

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Note: Times for TV appearances are North American Eastern Standard Time. Times for personal appearances are local to the city that Doug's visiting. Also check out Doug's web site for a ton of info on Doug's personal appearances and Trading Spaces shooting schedule. Just when does the man plan to sleep?

New articles and other minor site additions pop up all the time. However, I only list major site updates above. If you want to be informed of every site update check out the Douglas Wilson Fans Yahoo Group.

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